My personality

My IT knowledge is like small bricks. I dream of building beautiful houses

I have always thought I could program, because a PC was around in my life from early childhood, but it mostly didn't go further than advanced Word and Excel, Photoshop or Game Maker.

Then an idea about a Minsk tourism marketing service came to my mind in 2015, but after a year of endless Joomla plugins and CSS/html tweaking of default templates I finally understood I would not make a worthy service without decent knowledge of programming.

It was scary at first, but then I loved the freedom of opportunities that open up to a programmer and many other ideas have come to me since then, some of which have become equally attractive as the tourism marketing project.

After becoming able to code things on my own I got a lot of new ideas which I never thought I would be able to implement myself: own services, advertizing, projects to improve my city Minsk and even the whole country in terms of social and political life.

There have already been a number of problems I had to solve when learning proramming basics.

You know that feeling when you stumble upon something and cannot figure out what's wrong. Then, sometimes after long hours, you figure out... And you become a better coder.

This feeling is AMAZING! It is worth those "wasted" hours of banging your head against the wall.

Sometimes it is really disheartening to see the same error popping up again and again. But overall I am ready to face the numerous challengies, because, again, they make me better.

The less I know about a particular technology the more vigorous I am to master it and understanding finally comes!

I believe in the power of spaced repetition and use Anki software to learn code theory. Anki helps me learn basic and advanced syntax, which does not replace practice but significantly reduces time one would waste searching and reading docs for things they once did but forgot. What is spaced repetition?

In general learning stages are usually as follows:

  1. theory from a book or a video tutorial
  2. practice some basic examples of particular pieces of the technology learned
  3. spaced repetition of the basics during a couple of weeks
  4. see some real example of app building using this technology
  5. build something of my own using this knowledge and googling things I do not know on the go.

I think one can code something even knowing only basics. There will always be things you do not know about a specific technology, so sitting and endlessly absorbing information is useless. Better code something simple but working. I wish I used this approach earlier.

In addition to tutorials I also read industry blogs and sites like, CSS Tricks and others. Reading docs as a regular tutorial is a worthy option sometimes, too.

Frequent visitor of Codepen and when learning frontend.

I have a linguistic and international relations diploma, so the syntax of English-like programming languages is like a piece of cake for me. I had good and great marks at school in all subjects, including maths and physics, but math exercises did not go beyond the standard level.

Difficult math tasks are always a challenge for me and I do not love them, but when it comes to coding challenges, it looks more interesting and real-life-oriented, which makes me believe that I will be able to cope even with harder tasks if faced them.

Now it's time for algorithms and data structures in my life if I really want to eventually become a senior coder.

I have never worked for an IT company professionally.

The more I learn web development the more passion I have for this industry and hope I already meet the criteria for a promising webdev position.

In August 2017, I switched from pure theory to practice and I am currently working on a number of my own web projects that I hope to finish some time in the future.

My previous work experience includes translating into English and in reverse order for a number of media. I also worked with various clients outside the regular job. My freelance experience taught me how important it is to communicate with clients in the right way and build relations that will bring profits.

Every work that I previously had dealt in any way with websites, SEO and content management.

See my CV

I would prefer to work with JS-based web apps and sites. I don't mind using HTML5/CSS3 one day, Javascript/Angular next day and then a bit of (or entirely) Laravel or Node as soon as I learn them.

It would be a nice experience to be able to touch in real life the technologies I know only slightly.

In general I am interested in both frontend and backend.

Working with JS-based hybrid mobile apps is another promising prospect.

I may consider taking some managerial path in the future to use my knowledge of finance and psychology as well as quench managerial hunger.

To see technologies I already know please click here

One of the main concerns is that I might work slower than expected through lack of production experience, but maybe I underestimate my abilities...

I am a bit afraid of being thrown into thousands of lines of production code without me having time to figure how things work here. Hope to avoid this situation.

I am a person who tends to avoid conflicts and try to collaborate even with difficult people. I prefer to solve problems constructively making concessions and expecting others to do the same.

I am professional in my attitude to work and cannot let my teammates down.

Being a team player at work I love spending time with my family or alone out of work. Honestly, I don't like noisy parties and crowds of people all the time. Better learn something new, watch a quality movie or go for a walk.

I not only listen to other people, but also hear them. I perceive objective criticism calmly and think of it as a stimulus to my further growth.

However, I would love to meet new interesting people, especially IT professionals, and learn from them, draw inspiration or maybe collaborate on some new projects. Speaking in public is one of my strong points, I am not afraid of that at all.

I love systems, ordered and working like a clock. I would be glad to join a company where management is based on well-working systems.

I love politics, but since Belarus is an authoritarian country and politics actually does not exist here, I have "put aside" politological stuff until better times.

I love Sweden and Nordic countries for their attitude to life and calmness. I have lived in Sweden for about nine months and fell in love with it. Maybe I will work or live there once.

My other interest lies in football, but I don't watch it much, only a bit of Bundesliga and English Premier League.

Maybe a bit weird to call it a hobby, but I love taking an English Longman dictionary and just learning new words and phrases. Having a decent level of English now, I do hope I will once be able to come close to speaking English like a native speaker.

Another quirky and seemingly unrealistic idea is to create a real-life political simulator, including with online features, in which you would manage a country on a day-to-day basis, like in Football Manager. Instead of declaring wars and managing the army (which is the predominant feature of other existing simulators), the main goal here would be political fight against opponents and improvement of life in your country via talks, statements and behind-the-scenes intrigues.

I drink a lot of coffee and tea, often with something sweet :)

Please see the list of skills I plan to acquire in the future, near or far: Future skills

I watch numerous YouTube channels to follow the trending technologies and webdev news. If I see that a technology is getting more and more popular and increasing number of tutorials is created for it, I think whether I absolutely need this technology and monitor the local job market to make the final decision.

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