As of junior level

    Frontend skills
  • Angular Good understanding, basic practical experience
  • Javascript Great theoretical knowledge, basic practical experience
  • Sass Competent enough to significantly speed up app styling
  • jQuery Good knowledge of the library, including traversing, animations and jQuery AJAX
  • All frontend skills
    Backend skills
  • PHP Basic knowledge of PHP7 syntax, OOP basics
  • MySQL Fair knowledge of query syntax
  • WordPress Solid knowledge of major WP APIs; custom templates, menus, $wpdb, custom plugins and more
  • MongoDB Basic knowledge of query syntax (comfortable when using docs)
  • All backend skills
    Future skills
  • Laravel I want to create websites and apps with custom backend
  • Node.js + Express If a developer knows JS and wants to learn backend, Node.js is an obvious choice
  • Testing (Jasmine, karma etc…) Testing is an integral part of a good programmer's skillset
  • Mobile apps on JS I know they are less performant but I very much want to develop mobile apps, too
  • All future skills
  • Ready to hire a beginner but don't want to waste time training them?
  • Looking for a reliable guy who will easily fit into your dev team?
  • Need a team member who won't stop improving skills and learning?
  • Having freelance experience, I always care about what clients want
  • I look at your business as if it was mine and try to find ways to streamline processes
  • Self-taught, I believe you can achieve what you want if you work hard
Contact me How else I can benefit you

My works

Most of works were created for practice and demonstration

This is my personal website and currently an online portfolio

Football score simulator

This is an Angular app simulating football scores depending on teams' strength and other factors

Football draw app

A small app simulating UEFA Champions League group stage draw

Small examples

Screen split slider

A slider with a split screen effect. Took a couple of hours

Full-bleed images

A script for making full-bleed images on any screen width, regardless of margin

Simple image slider

Simple slider for practicing jQuery и CSS animations

Smoke on hover

I thought why not make a website for a local bar? I immediately thought about this effect (not on the entire website, of course)
All works