Skill summary: Great theoretical knowledge, basic practical experience

Javascript: what I already know

This is the programming language I started learning first, right after HTML5 and CSS3.

  • All major parts of the language, including DOM, BOM and events
  • Perceive the nature of async programming with JS
  • Modern ES6 standard: promises, classes, modularity, fat arrows, template strings, error handling with only few callbacks etc.
  • Understand scoping, hoisting and other possible pitfalls, can debug them with Chrome DevTools
  • Can transmit data between parts of the app via AJAX (I know JSON for this, of course)
  • Have basic understanding of JS design patterns
  • Know some JS best practices
  • Compilation into ES5 with Babel

Javascript: further learning plans

  • advanced design patterns
  • more JS best practices
  • ready to work with a number of JS libraries, depending on tasks. Ready for study them as I work
  • Gain more hands-on experience of JS programming