Small but nice skills

Skill summary: Emmet, touch typing and so on...

Small but nice skills: what I already know

Technical skills

  • Emmet for speeding up HTML/CSS design
  • NPM ecosystem, semantic versioning, Bower, basic Babel functionality
  • Familiar with Google Maps API. I am also ready to learn new APIs with which I will work during projects
  • Solid knowledge of regular expressions (exluding advanced groups)
  • Chrome Development Tools
  • Can manage content of Drupal sites and know Joomla a bit deeper
  • Understand basics of web design and UX design and always take them into account in my projects imagining that I am a user myself and then adding ‘user stories’ of my family, who have various technical background
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop
  • Know how to SEO a site; know schema microdata
  • Some skills in web analytics with Google Analytics

Soft skills

  • Familiar with Scrum methodology, ready to learn other methodologies if project needs so require
  • Attention to small details, which I got after years of work as a translator and editor. It will help me avoid stupid typos slowing down work
  • Managerial, organizational skills (for now this skill is not so important, but you get it…)
  • Enterprising mind: immediately after starting the study of programming, I began to think about projects that could bring me passive income
  • Time management skills, especially when it’s tight with timesituations of its deficit, especially with the help of the appropriate software
  • Love for organization and order (within reasonable limits). All my ideas are stored in Evernote’s notebooks and notes
  • Touch typing and high typing speed
  • The ability to quickly absorb new information and the desire to do it, because it increases my value in the labor market and my ability to participate in new projects. If you need me to learn a new technology, give me up to a week and I’ll be comfortable with the basics and master the basic theoretical information thanks to spaced repetition, which will facilitate the practical part of work