Skill summary: Solid knowledge of major WP APIs; custom templates, menus, $wpdb, custom plugins and more

WordPress: what I already know

  • All basic use of WordPress (administration, settings, config, deploy)
  • Understanding of major concepts and APIs of WordPress – WP_Query, $wpdb and others
  • Work with WordPress hooks (actions, filters)
  • i18n / translation of WP sites into other languages (.pot files)
  • Custom post types
  • Widget registration
  • Custom fields, both with the help of plugins and independently
  • Own simple plug-ins, and also plug-ins of an average level of complexity
  • Custom templates in projects
  • Custom design standard menus
  • Automation of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP with Gulp

WordPress: further learning plans

  • Settings/Options API
  • Rewrite API