Football draw app

Work summary: A small app simulating UEFA Champions League group stage draw
June 2017

Technologies used

Project goals

With this work I wanted to test my JS and jQuery skills on a real mini-project. I just planned to make something small but working.

I focused on the following skills to practice them:

  • manipulating JS arrays
  • jQuery AJAX
  • small PHP code handling AJAX request
  • see how MySQL and PhpMyadmin look like and how to work with them

This is a small app simulating UEFA Champions League group stage draw. Draw 32 teams into 8 groups and see their upcoming fixtures ordered in accordance with some UEFA Champions League rules.

Challenges during project

  • manipulating JS objects and arrays was sometimes hard. I wish I knew lodash back then
  • calling a server-side info via PHP was new to me but I got it working quickly
  • handling fetched data from DB was a bit tricky although I knew how to make AJAX calls in theory
  • when I deployed the work to live server, it did not work, although it worked on localhost. It took me many hours to figure out where exactly the problem was