Football score simulator

Work summary: This is an Angular app simulating football scores depending on teams' strength and other factors
July 2017

Technologies used

Project goals

  • Learn Angular on a practical example
  • Practice Angular project structuring

This app allows you to simulate football results. All you need is to know the relative class of the teams involved.

Fine-tune pre-match predictions setting teams’ tactics, home crowd support and even morale.

Play home and away matches in exciting 1st and 2nd leg duels! Extra time and penalties are quite possible if the score is tied after the end of two-match duel.

The generator takes into account football statistics, so unrealistic results like San Marino beating Germany are almost (almost!) impossible.

This simulator is morale-driven, so attempts and shots on goal to some extent depend on the teams’ motivation.

The app uses Firebase (could be any other) to store json data. When selecting a team a call is issued to the DB on the server and team objects come to the app.

Challenges during project

  • Services were the most challenging part: after hours and hours of figuring out what is wrong I finally discovered some extra unnecessary provider in a child component, which should not have been there. Thanks, Stackoverflow!
  • Getting used to Angular and Typescript style and other related stuff was not quite easy at first, but now I pretty much like its relative simplicity and organization