Work summary: This is my personal website and currently an online portfolio
August-September 2017

Technologies used

Project goals

  • Create website which would serve as a CV
  • Practice WordPress basic API
  • Set up Gulp workflow for WordPress
  • Learn WordPress templating, custom post types and menu styling

As I result I:

  • feel very confident in working with basic WordPress theme creation from scratch
  • know how to work with functions.php to tweak themes, enqueue scripts and styles in the wordpress way
  • have set up a Gulp workflow helping me style the site and change its layouts in seconds
  • practiced in optimizing websites (Google Page Speed shows about 80-85 for both PCs and mobiles)
  • now have my own website on which I can track my development as a programmer

The site will be kept updated.

Challenges during project

  • Styling menus was a rather hard part at the beginning
  • Learning WP default loops and wp_query took a while, but now I understand it well